5 years
49 lbs
Adoption Fee $375

Requirements:  None

Adelaidez 1.jpg
Adelaidez 2.jpg
Adelaidez 3.jpg

How can you resist these sad boxer eyes? My name is Adelaidez, but my foster family calls me Addie for short. I am a pretty low energy dog and a former mama. My crate is my safe space right now, and I am happy to go in there whenever needed. I’m not really treat motivated, but praise and ear scratches are the best! I am still working on this potty-training thing, and my foster family says I do well on a schedule. It’s not taking me long to get used to the comforts of a house. I am just starting to get curious about dog toys and love snuggling with my humans. I haven’t started playing with my foster family’s dog yet, but we are perfectly fine coexisting. I’ve met cats and am pretty indifferent to them. If you are looking for a low key snuggle bug, I’m your gal. Apply for me today!