Agapo Love

Lab Mix
2 years
40 lbs
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Requirements: Fenced-In Yard |

Another Dog in Home 

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Agapo Love is a young, medium sized mixed breed pup who is looking for a special home to call his own! He loves to do “dog things” like wrestling with his canine friends, playing fetch ALL day long, gnawing on chew toys, and using food dispensing toys. However, he is also a sensitive boy who does not fit your typical “dog mold”.


Agapo Love takes a very long time before opening up to new people. He has a larger-than-typical invisible bubble around him, and if someone enters that bubble, it is like the same sides of a magnet. At first, he will shut down and hide in his kennel. Eventually, he will move around around new people, but he will flee if approached. He will open up to new people with time, but his forever family will need to understand that he prefers to close that space himself and will run away from someone if spooked. For this reason, he needs to be wearing a martingale collar and have a secure fenced-in yard.


Agapo Love loves his foster family and the humans he has previously lived with, including young children. He now enjoys to snuggle and receive pets from his foster family. He is even starting to play bow and rough house with them.


Agapo Love would prefer a home that does not receive daily visitors. Occasional visitors are just fine, but he will hide. He is a freezer or runner, NOT a fighter. He is fully crate trained and does love his crate. He is house broken, but can sometimes have accidents if he is too afraid (submissive urination).


Agapo Love does respond well to vocal cues and hand signals once you gain his trust. He has lived in a home environment most of his life, so he is very responsive to his people and understands how to live in a house. How well he listens to his cues depends on how clear his mind is (so not if he’s too spooked or there’s something bothering him). His family will need to commit to working with his foster family, a behaviorist, or a positive trainer to help him adjust into his home and continue to progress.


While he has a personal bubble with people, Agapo Love doesn’t necessarily understand other dogs’ personal space. He LOVES his canine friends - giving nervous kisses, inviting play and wrestling, and tugging on toys. He will use his voice and bark if he’s spooked by a new, larger dog, but for the most part he loves every dog he meets. He does not currently live with cats. His true personality and comfort comes out around other dogs, so he needs another dog in the home. Due to his nervous nature, he may react to a dog that is iffy sharing resources and can also bring out weird behaviors in some dogs. He would do best with a confident, patient dog of any energy level. He currently lives with dogs ranging from 6lbs - 70lbs and 1 year to 10 years. He loves them all and would play all day if allowed.


Agapo Love may not be the type of pup many families are searching for, but he enjoys his life and is full of personality. He launches himself across the yard like a rabbit to chase his ball, curls up in a little circle next to his people, and jumps up and down in the air when anticipating something exciting. If you think you’re the right fit for Agapo Love and are looking to add a special boy to your family, then apply today for a chance to meet him!

Because Agapo Love has been searching for his forever family for a while now, he is considered a benchwarmer and his adoption fee is sponsored!