Agapo Love

Lab Mix
2 years
40 lbs
Adoption Fee is Sponsored!


Requirements: Fenced-In Yard |

Another Dog in Home 

Agapo Love New 050922.jpg

Agapo Love is a young, medium-sized mixed breed pup. His name refers to the type of love that is unconditional and selfless, which is exactly what we are looking for in his forever home!

He has struggled with intense fear his entire life. New people and changes in the environment cause him to go into “flight or freeze” mode- meaning he will attempt to run away or he will shut down. He is very sensitive to his environment.

Agapo Love’s every day life in his foster home seems similar to a normal dog’s. His world is small (his backyard, his house, and his foster family), but he has made great strides and proven how he will progress at his own pace.

His transition to a new home will take time. For his safety, a martingale collar and securely fenced in yard are required for adoption.

We are requiring another dog(s) to live in the home because the other dogs help to pull him out of his shell. He currently lives with a variety of dogs of all ages and sizes. Due to his fear, he can cause some dogs to act abnormally. He would do best with a dog (or dogs) who are confident or playful.

Agapo Love may not be the type of pup many families are searching for, but he enjoys his life and is full of personality. If you think you’re the right fit for Agapo Love and are looking to add a special boy to your family, then apply today for a chance to meet him!

Because Agapo Love has been searching for his forever family for a while now, he is considered a benchwarmer and his adoption fee is sponsored!