Terrier Mix

2 years
15 lbs
Adoption Fee $425

Requirements:  Fenced-in-Yard | Martingale Collar
Preferred: Playful/Social Dog in Home

Alex 1.jpg
Alex 3.jpg
Alex 4.jpg

Hi, Alex here. My foster mom says I look tough with my bottom teeth out but I'm really just a sweet, scared guy. Actually, it's my bottom teeth being out that made my foster family fall in love with me. A little bit about me....

I am a 2-year-old terrier mix who is looking for a family who will help me gain confidence, trust, and give me all the love they have. I'm very shy at first and need some time to warm up to you, but when I do you will see my goofy personality come out. My foster family put this special collar on me called a Martingale collar because I don't like that leash thing. It makes me nervous; I try to pull my way out of it, but dang it if this collar won't let me. (My foster mom said that's why she makes me wear it to keep me safe. She's alright I like her.) Because my pervious humans weren't as great as everyone in Woof Gang, I try to get away from people I don't know and will try to sneak out the door, so my foster family said I need a yard that's fenced to keep me safe as well.

The coolest thing about my foster family is I have four brothers I can hang out with. Two are canines like me but bigger than me. They let me play with them when I want. The other two are humans, they laugh at me and give me all the pets. My foster family thinks I will do ok being an only dog but knows if there is another dog in the home it makes me feel comfortable and I open up quicker. My foster mom told me to tell you that I need a family who will keep showing me that the leash thing isn't scary like I think it is, that I am safe with my family, and will help me become the goodest boy they know I can be.

If you think I'm what your family has been missing and you want to love me forever, apply to meet me today. I'll give you lots of kisses if you do!!