Jack Russel Terrier

3 years
8 lbs

Adoption Fee $375

Requirements:  Completely Fenced-in-Yard | Children 10+| Another Dog in Home | Martingale Collar | Eye Management for Life

Alora 1_edited.jpg
Alora 3.jpg
Alora 2.jpg

Are you looking for a young, spunky, and energetic sidekick? Well look no further, I may be your gal! I am a little slow to warm up to new people, but once I know that I can trust them, I am the life of the party, ready to soak up all of the love that I can get. The life that I lived prior to rescue didn’t allow me to explore new places or experience the basic life of a loved member of the family. Because of my previous life, my forever family needs to realize that I will require some confidence building to help me be more comfortable in busier environments. I am curious and always looking for a good time so as I settle into my forever home, I will enjoy these new challenges.

True to the Terrier nature, if you don’t keep me busy, I’ll find plenty of ways to keep myself busy. Some of those ways may not make you too happy though. So daily exercise and confidence building games will be important to my future success. I love chasing my ball when you roll it or any small animals that may run through the yard, so it won’t take too much to tire me out, but I need exercise daily. Don’t get me wrong though, I love naps too. My favorite nap spot is anywhere that I can be snuggling my canine foster siblings. With that being said, one of my absolute requirements in my forever home is to have at least one canine friend. I look to them to figure out my new life and gain confidence from them. My forever canine friends should be similar in age or at least have a zest for life and enjoy playing and running in the yard with me. I do struggle to understand another dog’s personal space, as I just want to have fun and play, so my forever canine friends need to be patient with me while I work to understand that.

Being as I have a good amount of energy and my leash training is a work in progress, I will require a completely fenced in yard. Keep in mind that if a rabbit can fit through somewhere, I probably can too. So, before you apply, make sure to check your fence and fix any questionable areas. I will need continued practice with leash walking in my securely fenced yard before I go on any adventures.

As far as the house dog stuff goes, it was all new to me a few months ago but I have to say that I’ve caught on quickly. I consider myself potty trained when on a schedule. I keep my crate clean and sleep in there at night without a peep. I know the command “kennel up” and go right in for a tasty treat. I am also learning what “no” and “off” mean, but will need practice with my basic commands such as “sit” and “stay” as my confidence continues to grow in my new life.

Alright, now for the not-so-great stuff. Being as I had not such a great start to life, I have a few medical needs. My biggest one is my eyes. You may have noticed from my pictures that I have some “blue” coloring in my eyes. This was caused by trauma at some point before rescue. I can see out of it for the most part and it hardly slows my busy self down, but I will require eye drops and ointments 3 times a day for life. On this treatment plan my eyes have gotten better. My forever people need to be able to commit to this daily need. I can’t say that I love getting my eye drops and ointments, but I am good about getting them done. My last thing is that I have a limp in my back left leg. Somehow it hardly slows me down though. I’m still keeping up with the pack, protecting our yard from the squirrels and chipmunks around here. I have had two different veterinarians check it out and both have said that there is nothing big going on at this time. This doesn’t mean that down the road something bigger won’t come up with it, but at this time there is nothing that needs to be done.

Not tooting my own horn or anything but my fosters said that whoever gets the privilege to adopt me will be very lucky. They said I’m all around a great dog and will keep you very entertained with my spunky self. So, what do you say, will you fill out an application to meet me?