Miniature/Toy Australian Shepherd

5 years
12 lbs
Adoption Fee $375

Requirements: Fenced-in-Yard | Martingale Collar | Another Dog in Home

Ambrose 1.jpg
Ambrose 3.jpg
Ambrose 4.jpg

Hello all! I’m Ambrose, a sweet, but shy mini-Aussie looking for a place to call my forever. (My foster mom tells me I just might be the tiniest Aussie ever!) You see, before I came to rescue, I was a mama that didn’t know what it was like to have a home or feel love. Now that I’m in one, I’m adjusting to what it means to live in a house, have a family, and be a dog.

I am pretty nervous right now because things are all so new to me, but my foster mom says I am getting braver each day. My crate is my safe place and I like to be in it when I’m feeling a little scared. I have had no accidents in the house, but my foster family says I need a fenced in yard so I can run around and do my business in peace. It also helps lessen the worry of me getting away, since all the outside noises are strange to me.

I am a quiet girl, but my foster mom says she can see me blossom more each day. I’m becoming more and more curious and I have to know what’s happening everywhere. I currently live with a kiddo and 5 other dogs and I do well with all of them! In fact, I feel more comfortable when I have a furry friend to help show me the ropes, so that is one of my adoption requirements.

I know that I will be the best girl for a family that is patient and gives me time to understand that a home life is really great. If you think I’m adorable now, just imagine what it will be like after my bad haircut grows back! So if you are looking for a special little one to add to your family, apply to meet me today.