In Memory ofAva Marie


Meet WGR's very own, Ava Marie. Ava isn't your average dog, at least to Woof Gang. Ava is very near and dear to all of our hearts. She is a 9 year old German Shepard who unfortunately has never known the love of a real family and home, until now...



Here is Ava's Story:

Back in March 15', Woof Gang had gotten word of 3 German Shepard's in need of rescue from the south. There was a mom, her son and her mate. Their previous owner had taken all 3 dogs in to be euthanized. He considered them live stock and he was ready to retire (so to speak).  This is where Ava comes in. She is the mom. She was used for breeding her entire life. Unfortunately, she has developed tumors on her underside. WGR had gotten word about the shepherds. None of them could be left, not even Ava in her condition. We scheduled transport and brought them home.

Her son and mate quickly settled into their new foster homes. Ava Marie on the other hand, had other things planned. That very next day Ava snuck out of the care of her foster and decided to take a 3 day hike through out Waukesha, WI. Now if any of you know Wisconsin just a pinch, you would know Waukesha isn't exactly small. The board members and local citizens were constantly on the look out for this sassy Shepard, who indeed put everyone in panic. Ava sightings were constantly posted and trips out to the county were made. Luckily, on the 3rd day, Ava had an angel on her side. Someone who had been helping WGR track down her sightings had spotted her. Ava had gotten herself stuck in a pond. The woman quickly jumped into the pond and pulled her out to safety right before her head went under. We believe Ava was looking for her pup and mate- "Her family".

After returning to a new foster home, Ava Marie, hadn't been doing so well. She was taken in for evaluation. The vet looked over her tumors and the condition she was in. After seeing the tumors, and looking them over, the vet came to the conclusion that she has cancer. She doesn't have much longer. The tumors were too far gone and given her age, operating wouldn't help. Ava Marie was now on Hospice watch/care.


WGR made the decision to find her a well fitted family, where she could live out the rest of her life, knowing what love of a human family is, a warm comfortable bed, for once not breeding and most importantly- Live a life she had never had the chance to live.


Ava Marie was then introduced to Kelly.

Kelly is special, bottom line. Prior to taking Ava in, Kelly had recently lost her family dog. Knowing the situation, she stepped up and decided to give Ava her chance to live life. Boy oh boy Kelly had no idea what she was getting herself into...


Ava Marie and Kelly are the most perfect match you could possibly ever find. Kelly loves Ava to the moon and back. Through the stories we hear, the videos we watch and the pictures we see, it is clear that Ava feels the same way about Kelly. Ava has met her Guardian Angel, and due to this Ava has officially found her "Furever home".


Welcome home Ava Marie.... Welcome home.




As of August 2, 2015 WGR is very heart broken to announce Ava Marie is no longer with us. Her fight with cancer became too much to handle. She now rests in peace.


Although her story may have started out rough, the end turned out beautiful. Ava came to us for a reason, Kelly crossed our paths for a reason, it was all to give Ava Marie the life she deserved and a chance at happiness.


The loss of a pet isn't easy. It never is. We can't imagine the pain Kelly and her family feels. It takes an amazing person to take in a dog knowing that her life with you could be short. WGR would like to thank Kelly and her family for taking on this role. They gave Ava a life she never had, a chance to be a real dog, to love a family and the first time in her life, to have a real family to love her back.



Rest in peace Ava Marie. We will always remember you. You will be forever in our hearts.








If you look close, you will see a dog in the clouds. This was taken the evening of Ava's passing. We believe this was her saying Thank you. She was such an amazing soul, taken too soon..

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