Chihuahua Mix


15 years

8 lbs

Adoption Fee $200


Children 12 yrs & Older | 

Any Female Dogs in the House must be Spayed (Bandit is NOT Neutered due to his age)


Hey guys, the name is Bandit and I really can’t believe I’m searching for my forever home at 15 years old but I’m staying positive about it! Most of the day you can find me snuggled in my favorite blanket on my bed. I like to completely cover myself up with it so don’t freak out if you can’t find me... you just have to feel around and I’ll pop my head out to say hi! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not all naps. I have a bit of energy too. I enjoy checking out all of the smells in my yard and do a cute spin/happy dance when I’m done with my buisiness/exploring and I’m ready to go in. I have had no issues in my foster home with pottying outside and I sleep quietly in my crate while you’re gone. At night I sleep in my bed in my foster’s room. If I can’t get my blankets just right I’ll whine so that she comes and helps me get situated, then you won’t hear from me until morning. Well you’ll probably be up before me, I wake up when breakfast comes and I get to eat in bed! Basic commands... pshhhh I’m 15 I should be able to do what I want when I want but I’m so quiet and polite you hardly even know I’m here. I get along fine with other dogs and cats but I haven’t been around kids. I would not do well with the young ones running around as I do have some vision impairment and get nervous when I can hear something near me but can’t see it. For this reason I will need a home with respectful, gentle kids 12 years and older or no kids at all. I would do best with mellow dogs who aren’t all up in my face wanting to play. I’m a fragile guy who just wants a nice calm, quiet home to live out my golden years. I am not neutered due to my age (vet does not think it’s safe) so if I’m going to have any female friends in my forever home they must be spayed. Do you have it in your heart to give me my forever for however long I have left here? Fill out an application to meet me today, I promise I won’t disappoint!

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