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Bart Bart

Beagle/JRT Mix


4 yrs

36 lbs

Adoption Fee $350



Hey all, Bart Bart here! So much to say where do I even start?! Okay, well I am a 4 year old mix breed no one really knows what I am. I am a fun guy that really bonds well with my family. I am an extremely routine dog so I have to have a routine in order to thrive. I am extremely housebroken my mom says. I am crate trained as well and I do know all of my basic commands. I am good with dogs but I can be a little bossy of my items if I am not watched carefully with them. When it comes to meeting new people I get slightly nervous that is where I will need a strong handler to continue to show me that people aren't bad and they're not going to hurt me I have to trust in them 1st. Mom has found that food helps me trust in people. She says I'm a little round and I should probably cut my diet down, but I can't help but love those good snacks! She says I'm called a foodie whatever that means! I love to go for walks I don't love to lay around the house really whatever you're doing I would love to do that with you. If you're looking for a little bit of a project that's me, but don't we all have bad scars that we need healed let's do that together! Apply for me today!