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Bart Simpson

Part of the Simpsons Litter

Cur Mix
8 weeks
9 lbs
Adoption Fee $450

Requirements: None

Bart Simpson 3.jpg
Bart Simpson 1.jpg
Bart Simpson 2.jpg

Don’t have a cow man, I know I’m super cute. I’m Bart Simpson from The Simpsons Litter. Sure, I might eat your shorts but you can train me to chew on the right things! My one blue eye and one brown eye are full of mischief. When I grow up, I will be an active boy. I will need a family willing to teach me all my manners including potty training and leash walking. I like other dogs and cats and have loved every person I’ve met. If you’re willing to be a great teacher, I promise I won’t end up writing sentences on the board and I will be a good boy for you forever.

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