German Shorthaired Pointer / Poodle Mix


10 months

58 lbs

Adoption Fee $425

Requirements: Fenced In Yard |

No Kids Under 6

Preferred: Another Dog In Home with Similar Size and Energy

BB3 - Mary-Agnes Janke.jpg
BB3-resized - Mary-Agnes Janke.jpg
BB2 - Mary-Agnes Janke.jpg

BB is drop-dead gorgeous. She may be the prettiest dog her foster has ever had. She has all the markings of a German Short-Haired Pointer, but with longer, softer fur. BB is about 10 months old with mid to high level energy.

BB is also blind. She was born that way. BB adapts very quickly to her surroundings. BB loves the outdoors. She walks good on a leash but loves to go on trail-walking off leash. When she finds an open grassy area, she loves to run. We would require a fenced in back yard. With the fenced in yard, she will quickly learn the entire area and get very comfortable with her surroundings.

Because BB is still an active puppy, she gets excited when meeting people. She is calming down, but she is jumpy and mouthy. She can be controlled by an adult, but it could be problematic for little ones. Her foster is confident that she can be trained to learn to stay down, but because of this she would do best in a home with no children under 6 years old.

The best option for BB would be to have another dog that she can rough house with. Preferably about her size (50-80 pounds) and energy level (mid-high). BB can be an only pet, but she will need exercise every day. She would be great for a jogger as she can hear your steps and trails you closely when you run.

BB may be blind, but she certainly acts like she doesn't know it. Her blindness does not hold her back from being a dog - she acts like a dog and should be treated like a dog. After a few days, her adopters will almost forget that she cannot see.

BB has difficulty in a crate. She paces constantly and cannot get comfortable. Having a room for her when left alone would be the correct way to handle those times.