Bella Boppy

American Bulldog Mix


3 months

11 lbs

Adoption Fee $400


Active Home | Starting Training ASAP | No young children


My name is Bella Boppy, and I’m about the sweetest, smartest puppy you’ll ever meet! I’ve been with my foster family for less than a week, and it took me no time at all to show them just how outgoing and social I am, and how much I love to be loved! I will probably be around 35 lbs full grown. I will sit on command, but especially when you’ve got a treat for me. I have even figured out how to play fetch (and drop-when I’m focused- I get distracted easily because there is just so much world to explore)!
My foster family is working on potty training me, and I’ve even told them when I need to go out by sitting by the door-it sometimes just takes them too long to hook a leash on me! I’m still a puppy, so need to go out often. I love being outside so much that I often I forget that I’m out there to do my business. I do a great job sleeping in a crate at night. I don’t mind being in the crate, and I know that’s the best place for me to be when I’m home alone or when it is bedtime. During the day, my foster family has a pen that I can go in when I need a break, or so they can get some work done around the house and know I won’t get into trouble.
Because I’m still teething, I like to bite and chew on things, and I’ve got sharp baby teeth! I need frequent reminders that humans don’t like to play that way, especially if I get too wound up. My foster family has kids that are 9 and 12. I like it when they pet me and play with me, but my foster mom says I would probably not be good for a family with really young kids because my nibbling might scare them. I have not met any cats yet, but I met a dog and we had fun playing! I would do well with a dog friend who is tolerant of puppy play and could help me learn! Apply today to meet me- I can’t wait to meet you!

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