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Dogue de Bordeaux


2 yrs

90 lbs

Adoption Fee $400



Why do they call me Bethy? Where are my people? They tell me I'm a fancy French Mastiff, aka Dogue de Bordeaux, and I'm not tiny. But I am a little thin at about 90 pounds. I love big people and small people. I love dogs, cats, and even Birds! I hear I am very beautiful, so, what did I do wrong? My foster mom gives me a great report card! I get an A+ in personality. I smile a lot and I'm really good at kisses to my whole new family. I get an A+ in car rides because I'm so quiet and calm. I get an A-4 noise as I do bark to warn you of danger and I do snore. With Great Gusto! Okay, I get a B minus. 4 commands As I sometimes get distracted. But I am trying. Mom says I get a B. In potty training because I think carpet and grass are very much alike. I get an A- in kids. Although I really love them, foster Mom says I'm a little big for tiny kids because I wiggle so much (prefer kids to be 5 or older). Mom says there are comments at the end of report card. Betty has a mug to hug and a heart as golden as her eyes. Bethy however, is just a little bossy and would probably be best with a easy going doggy friend. She will be a devoted and joyful addition to just about any dog experienced family. Foster family is totally in love , but we can't keep them all!