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Shiba Inu Mix

2 years
16 lbs
Adoption Fee $450

Requirements: None

Preferred: Only Dog or Calm Resident Dog

Bex 3.jpg
Bex 2.jpg
Bex 1.jpg

Hello, my name is Bex and I am looking for my new family as I have so much love to give. I am a small to medium-sized guy with low to medium energy. I will happily play fetch with you all day if you would like. My foster mom says I look like a little fox and that I love to cuddle. I spend most of my day following her around the house and sleeping at her feet. And toys! I love toys. I spend the other part of my day collecting them and bringing them to my dog bed. I am potty trained but still working on crate training. If the crate is near my people that's ok but if you leave me too long in another room, I will whine as I want to be a part of the fun. I really just want to be near my people all the time. And I am small enough for you to carry me around which I like. Not sure about cats because I haven't seen one yet, but the resident dog and I took a couple days for us to be ok with each other. I would probably like to be the only dog in the house so that I have all your attention, but I would be good in a home with a dog that is indifferent to me as I am not sure I want to play. Walks are a lot of fun. I often bark at new people until I get to know them. We see kids on our walks, and I am still nervous with both big and little people. Would you like to meet me? Apply today!


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