Chihuahua Mix


8 years

12 lbs

Adoption Fee $350

Requirements: None


Blacky is a middle-aged, slow paced chihuahua mix. He is very sweet with his humans on his terms. It's very easy to get him excited and asking for pets; however, he is an independent little man. His favorite activities include going for walks in the neighborhood or in the backyard, sniffing and exploring the outdoors. He loves comfy bed and blankets and also loves tasty treats. He is not a big eater but will eagerly take all the food you offer him and bring it to his bed.

Blacky is very vocal and communicates clearly when he needs space from other dogs or busy activity. He would do best in a home with a family who can communicate with him. He does well with both men and women, however, he appears more comfortable with women in situations where he is stressed.

He gets along very well with other dogs; however, he does not like to play or interact much. While he would do well with a larger pup who is calm and prefers to do his/her own thing, he would not enjoy a home with a rambunctious large dog trying to play with him. He has not met a cat, however, I assume cats would be the perfect pace for Blacky.

Blacky is crate trained and is working on house breaking.

Are you looking for a lower energy companion who is still full of life? Someone to just hang out with? Then apply to find out more about Blacky!

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