German Shepherd


2 years

75 lbs

Adoption Fee $400

Requirements: Only Pet |

Children 10 yrs & Older |

German Shepherd Experience | Single Family Home (no apartments, condos, townhomes)


Hi everyone! My name is Bond. My foster dad calls me his gentle giant-yes I'm a big boy but I am very gentle, loving and playful. I can play rough with my foster but am very careful not to knock him over, and I will let him wrestle a toy from my mouth. (My foster finds it funny that I can't catch a tennis ball). He is also impressed with my household manners-I seldom jump up on furniture, I don't look for snacks on the kitchen counters, and I don't try to steal food off his plate. I am fully housebroken and also do very well with 'sit' and 'down', can extend a paw and recently learned 'quiet.' My foster is helping me with 'come' as I do need more work on that. With my crate, my foster has to coax me in with a leash and good treats, but once in, I'm fine. I easily bonded with my foster and since I do like to know where he is, he's working with me on being okay while he's in a different room. I can have spurts of high energy, but would likely need to work up to long walks or hikes. On my walks I am very well-behaved - no pulling and not much interest in chasing small critters. It has become less stressful for me meeting people or dogs, and could use your help continuing with slow introductions. I am so ready to bring a family lots of love and fun, so apply for me today!

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