Pitty Mix


1 year

59 lbs

Adoption Fee $250


Children 13 yrs & Older |

No Cats or small animals |

Single Family Home

Brighton 1.jpg

Hi my name is Brighton. I am a 1 year old pitty mix. I came from CACC where I was found on the street. I am already potty trained and kennel trained. I sometimes even lay down in my kennel just to relax and be near my foster mom. My kennel has a really nice bed and I don't chew it up or destroy at all. I save my destruction for dog toys including my favorite, tennis balls. I love to fetch but don't quite understand yet that I need to release the toy to play again. Tug of war is my absolute favorite game. I enjoy playing with humans and with canine friends alike. I am dog-friendly and would really enjoy another dog to run around with. I listen to other doggies really well. I am very vocal when I am playing and like to whine and play growl so my playmate keeps playing with me.


Sometimes I don’t realize how strong I am during play and forget that I'm not supposed to jump on people and so I would do best in a home without young children. I'm a strong guy and I need a strong handler who’s ready to teach me to walk nicely on the leash and learn all my manners. After a while on walks I calm down and walk nicely, but if I see a squirrel or bunny, I really want to chase. Cats are in the same group and so I can't live with any. After my walks, I am happy to be a couch potato. I am mild energy most of the time, but do love to run around and play. I have a big meaty head my foster mom says... how rude. I like to rest my head on my foster mom's lap, it's my sign that I would like some pets, please.


I can get overwhelmed by too many people and a busy environment and need to not live in an apartment where there is too much noise and people. I really am an affectionate guy and am looking for a human that will continue to work on my training so that I can be my best self! Apply to meet me today!

*As a member of the WGR Pitty Posse, I will go to my new home with my very own Pitty Package!

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