Terrier Mix


9 months

30 lbs

Adoption Fee $400

Requirements: None


Hi! Hello! I’m Cayenne, and I’m a happy, high-energy, loving pup! But hey, I’m not even a year old yet, so cut me some slack. I LOVE to run and play, and would be a great running or hiking partner for you! Fetching the ball is my favorite thing. I will play that game for as long as you will throw the ball for me. I have 2 smaller foster dog sisters who I do fine around, but they are older ladies, so they can be a little crabby towards me because I’m too much fun for them. If my furever home has other dogs, I think they would have to be high-energy like I am, so they’d put up with my shenanigans! I haven’t met a cat, but I react to any wildlife I see on walks, so I may have a high prey drive. I did meet some chickens though, and didn’t even pay attention to them oddly enough. I recently met some kids, and did really well! I would be a fun family dog as long as you work on normal obedience things with me so that I learn some manners.

Right now we are working on crate training. I don’t really like it, but I am getting used to it. My foster mom says I am doing SO well with potty training. I love to be her shadow and follow her around the house, and will even peek my head through the shower curtain to make sure she’s still there. She thinks I’m pretty funny! I can already sit, and I am eager to please, so I could probably learn any tricks you want to teach me. I really need an active family who understands that I have a lot of energy, and is going to have enough time to take me on walks or runs and/or get my energy out in a fenced backyard. Could that be you!? I am such a loving, sweet, and funny girl, and would love to be yours forever!

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