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Pit Bull Mix

6 months
40 lbs
Adoption Fee $450

Requirements: None

Cayne 1.jpg
Cayne 4.jpg
Cayne 2.jpg

My name is Cayne, and I am the perfect kind of puppy. I have mastered potty training, but my foster family does keep me on a schedule, just in case. I am great in my crate, whether I’m home alone during the day or to sleep at night. I love to interact with other dogs and take my lead from them. I haven’t met any cats, but I think I would like to play with them also. I enjoy daily walks, especially because they help curb my puppy energy. Once everyone is settled in at night for some T.V. time I am right there to snuggle. I am still working on not jumping up when I get excited to see people, but I am still pretty gentle about it and correct very quickly. I just know I could be a good fit for your family!

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