Jack Russel Terrier Mix

4 years
15 lbs
Adoption Fee $375

Requirements: Single Family Home (No Apartments, Condos, Townhouses) | No Cats

Chimney 1.jpg
Chimney 2.jpg
Chimney 3.jpg

You’re probably wondering how a guy like me has a name like Chimney…. Well long story short, I made my way up from Kentucky just before Christmas, 4 years ago. I was adopted as a puppy to what I thought was my forever home, but I found myself back with Woof Gang just a little while ago.

I have been settling into my foster home and their schedule. I sleep quietly in my crate at night or when my people are away. I eat my meals in my crate, morning and night. I enjoy bones, chews, playing with toys, and occasionally the other dogs in my foster home. I live with 5 other dogs of all sizes and do well with them all. I just ask that they respect my space and I’ll respect theirs. I would do well with another sound dog who is well socialized. I enjoy the company of others and I’ve always lived with another dog, but I don’t need to have a canine friend in my forever home.

I am learning that it’s okay to spend time outside to enjoy the leaves rustling and the warmth of the sun. In my last home, I didn’t spend much time outside. I just went out to potty and went right back in. It was also okay to go potty on a pad (only poop) at my last house but in my foster home I am expected to go outside which I have been doing awesome with. I have only had a couple accidents in the house and that was when I first got here. Being as I didn’t spend much time outdoors at my last house, I do have some anxiety with that. I have gotten a lot better and actually trot around the yard and check things out now.

I enjoy going on walks but need continued practice with my leash manners. Dogs, people, and bikes that pass are all things that make me want to bark but when my people ask me to sit and pay attention to them, I don’t even notice the people passing. I will need continued practice with this as I live in the country now and there aren’t a lot of these encounters on my walks. I am a little shy when meeting new people but once I know that I can trust them, I’m all about the love that they have to give. I listen to my fosters about leaving the cats alone, but they are just too tempting. I should not have cats in my forever home. I have had two little visitors (5 and 3 years) and they were a little too busy for me. I think I would do just fine with children who are a little older as I was respectful and curious about what the children were up to.

I know my basic commands and have very nice house manners. I am not afraid to let you know when I hear a car honk, someone at the door or any noise that startles me so for this reason, I would do best in a single-family home. No apartment or condo living for me. A quieter setting would be ideal, but I did live in town before. I am a smart boy who thrives on consistency. I like the schedule set by my foster home and will even put myself to bed before the last potty break of the night if it’s past the normal time. My forever home will consist of people who are looking for a total lover, have the patience and desire to work with me through this transition period, and in the end have a loyal adventure buddy.