Cane Corso
6 years
80 lbs
Adoption Fee $200

Requirements: Heartworm Prevention for Life | Kids 10+

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Chrisley 3.jpg
Chrisley 6.jpg

Hi everyone, my name is Chrisley! I have been learning how to live in a house with a family for the past few months. When I first got to Wisconsin I was so scared and malnourished. I needed medical treatments that require me to be on heartworm prevention for the rest of my life, and I will need to take it easy for a few more months so my heart can fully recover. I am generally a pretty laid back pup though. I like napping and playing with my toys quietly. My foster parents say I am very goofy and make them laugh with my silly faces and antics.


I have been doing a good job potty training, although I still have an accident every once in a while. Currently I use a heavy duty kennel when needed, because I am working on containment anxiety. I cannot be left alone unattended in a room or regular wire kennel, as I will hurt myself trying to get out. For this reason I will need an adopter that is either able to provide me a heavy duty kennel or is able to be home to watch after me. My foster mom works from home and I lay at her feet while she works. At night I lay in my doggie bed in my foster parent's bedroom and sleep soundly throughout the night.


I am still working on coming out of my shell around strangers, and I am a little skiddish in general. I have learned to trust my foster parents over time and now ask for pets and cuddles all day long though. I also really like one of the dogs in my foster home, we are besties. The only thing is that I don't like sharing my food, so I need to be fed separate from other pups. I also do great with cats!


I thrive best in a calm household with no young kids or frequent visitors. It will take time for me to trust my new family, but I have already grown so much and I will eventually show you that I have so much love to give. If it sounds like we might be a good match, please apply.