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Mixed Breed

1 year
43 lbs
Adoption Fee $450

Requirements: Martingale Collar Preferred: Fenced-in-Yard

Church 1.jpg
Church 2.jpg
Church 1.jpg

Hi, I'm Church! I'm spunky, I'm cute, I promise to LOVE you!

I love to be outside listening to the birds and watching the squirrels, I love to play with my toys, and with my fur friends! I enjoy having a pup to play with (and learn from) but I would also do great in a home without one. I would need a confident and tolerant pup friend, as I'm working on my dominant, yet playful, behavior. Daily walks, brain stimulation activities, scent work, and other fun filled adventures on a daily basis would be ideal for me.

I'm working hard on basic commands such as sit, off, and leave it. I keep surprising the humans with how "good boy" I am! It took me less than a day to understand the word "sit" (and that it gives me treats). I will need some patience and continued training.

I always want to be by the humans, and I need a family that is tolerant of my snuggles and face kisses. I do jump, so I'm not sure how I'll do with the real tiny humans just yet. I've done great with the older children I've met though.

Foster mom says I'm super smart and that will help me find my home as fast as I can run to them!

I have not had any accidents in the house, I'm good in my kennel, and I do great with the resident cat. I do bark when I hear you come home or when you wake up, but I just get so excited you've returned! I can't wait to have a family of my very own.

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