German Shepherd
8 years
60 lbs

Adoption Fee $200

Requirements: Medication Management for a Limited Time | Single Family Home | Another dog in the Home or an Adopter Who is Home Often

Preferred: Fenced-In Yard

Clancey 1.jpg
Clancey 3.jpg
Clancey 2.jpg

Hello there! My name is Clancey. Don't let my requirement of medication scare you away. You see, I had an annoying tumor on my hind leg and it needed to be removed. The vet tested it and it came back as cancerous. Don't worry though, they are pretty sure they got it all and I healed up so good that you wouldn't even know I had surgery. I just need to be on oral Chemo until June. It's just one pill a day and I take it in a Pill Pocket routinely.

I would say I have moderate energy. I love to run around with my canine foster sisters and then go and lay down with a bone. I get along with everyone I meet, including kids. I have met a few dogs that I didn't like instantly so I would say I am dog selective. I have met a cat and didn't care much.

I don't enjoy being alone. I need to either have another dog to keep me company or have my parents around. I will pace and bark if left alone. I'm not destructive or anything but I'm not happy. I really enjoy being with my people. I will walk with you wherever you are going. If you never want to go anywhere alone, I'm your guy! I love to get pet and give kisses. I am also potty trained. I am such a good boy and really low maintenance. If I sound like a good match for you, apply for me today.