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Clark Cole

Miniature Poodle

2 years
10 lbs
Adoption Fee $450

Requirements: Children 5+

Clark Cole 3.jpg
Clark Cole 2.jpg
Clark Cole 1.jpg

Hello – I’m Clark Cole! I'm looking for a family that wants an easy-going guy. I haven't met any other dogs or cats yet, but I'm sure I'd have no problem making furry friends. I am good with kids but get scared when they move too fast. I love being in the presence of people and like to cuddle. I am crate trained and sleep through the night. I just had my first day without an accident! This is a new life for me and everyday I've made vast improvements. I do not really understand the concept of toys but am always up for a good walk. I have no problems wearing a leash, following you around the house, or taking a car ride. I'm still uneasy when it comes to stairs, but with time and patience I know I can be your best pal.

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