Clover Pup

Husky/Terrier Mix


14 weeks

18 lbs

Adoption Fee $425

Requirements: Fenced Yard | Single Family Home | Kids 10+

Preferred: Another Dog in the home

CloverPup3 - Mary-Agnes Janke.jpg
CloverPup1 - Mary-Agnes Janke.jpg
CloverPup2 - Mary-Agnes Janke.jpg

Hi I'm Clover Pup and I am an athletic lady looking for an active family. My foster mom says I'm the sweetest pup and have the cutest ears, but I get very feisty and want my way at times so don't let my cuteness fool you. This is why I will need training and if you have experience with my type of breed that would be best. I am working on my basic training and doing very good. My foster mom says I am very food motivated.

I do very good in my crate I will even let you know when I have to go potty. When I am out of my crate during the day, I am still working on potty training but doing great. There are 3 kids that live here, I love playing with them but I get too rough especially with the youngest so older kids would be best for me.

I think I would do good with another dog to run around with and help get rid of my energy. I love playing ball and being outside. When we are inside I love being around everyone and love to cuddle in the evening. If you think I fit in your family apply for me today!