Coco Pie & Cookie Pie

Pitty Mixes
8 years

Requirements:  Adopt Together |

Only Dogs OR Older / Non Playful Dog |
Crates and Yard Available

Combined Adoption Fee is Sponsored!


Coco Pie
35 lbs

Cookie Pie
50 lbs


Hey everyone! We are Cookie Pie and Coco Pie, and we are just as sweet as our names suggest. Cookie Pie is the squat white nugget with brown eye patch, and Coco Pie is the mostly brown sassy girl with the white stripe.

We may be 8 years old and a little shy when we first meet, but we have a lot of spring left in our steps and like to explore once we're comfortable. We have a pretty moderate level of energy, perking up right away to go outside and play (or when it's time to eat) but we are as happy to take long naps as we are to go on long walks.

Both of us are leash, crate and house trained, but we're working on not pulling on the leash so it would be best to have an older kiddo or adult walk us. We haven't been around a cat, but we have a "live and let live" relationship with our furry foster brother, so we'd probably leave a cat alone.

We are a bonded pair so we're going to stick together, but our foster mom says we are very different. Cookie Pie is all about the tummy rubs and Coco Pie will be you're best friend if you give her treats. But both of us can follow our noses to trouble if we get the chance. 

We are searching for a home where we can be comfortable and a family we can share our smiles with. Is our home with you?


Because Cookie Pie and Coco Pie have been searching for their forever family for a while now, they are considered benchwarmers and their adoption fee is sponsored!

**As members of the WGR Pitty Posse, we will come with our very own Pitty Packages!