Lab Mix


4 months

25 lbs

Adoption Fee $400

Requirements: No Cats


Hi everyone! My name is Cuff and I am looking for my forever home! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a four month old lab mix. My foster mom says I’m pretty petite and have small paws so she thinks I’ll probably be a medium sized dog. I am from Georgia and this amazing rescue brought me up to Wisconsin. I try not to brag, but I think I’m a perfect southern bell! I am a moderate energy pup who loves to play as long as playtime is followed up by snuggles next to my favorite humans. I LOVE playing fetch and will bring you the ball back every time! I also love chewing on toys when my humans stop throwing the ball for me and even carry my toys around in my mouth when I go looking for my favorite little humans. My foster mom says I’m pretty good at knowing what toys are mine and what I’m not supposed to chew on. She says I am a smart girl and pick up on things very quick. I love to make my foster mom happy. I found out when I do really good things like sit and potty outside she gives me little treats. Don’t tell my foster mom, but the little humans in my foster house are my favorite! They are so much fun to play with. We run around in the fenced in back yard and play ball for hours and sometimes they even drop their snacks on the floor for me. I would love to have a fenced in yard to run and explore. I would really love some little humans of my own. My foster mom says I would be a great family dog. I share my toys well and know there is plenty of food so I don’t mind if you get close to my food. I get along great with the two other dogs in the house, but I am not a fan of rough play and would do best with other mild mannered dogs. I enjoy chasing the critters in the backyard and am very interested in the cat that sometimes comes to visit my yard. I like to chase her, so I would do best in a home without cats. I’m very proud of my looks because I know I am a beauty. I need my beauty rest to keep my looks so I sleep all night in my crate without a peep, I have almost mastered potty training but I still need frequent potty breaks. I haven’t had any accidents in my crate. I have loved everyone I have met but occasionally forget that I can’t jump up when I’m excited. I really enjoy going on walks and need a family that has the time to give me daily exercise and continue working on my training. Do I sound like someone that you could love forever? If so, apply today and I promise to give you my heart!

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