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WI Dept of Ag Number: 402490

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2 years

35 lbs

Adoption Fee $400


Another Dog in the Home |

Children 8 yrs & Older

Dallia 3.jpg

I know, I know. It’s the jaw dropping Dallia the Dalmatian with two colored eyes... I know that I am beautiful. A lot of people stop and stare at my beauty out on walks and a lot of people are interested in me, but the thing is I’m looking for a forever home. I am as sweet as can be, but what the passersby doesn’t know is I have a past that I’d love to forget about. I spent the first 2 years of my life in a kennel making babies so I’m just now experiencing freedom. The kennel is still my safe zone. While people can make me nervous, I desperately want to be pet and shown affection. I need a family that can show patience and love me unconditionally as well as a dog sibling that can teach me the ropes. I get along with all dogs and I don’t pay attention to the cats. I walk directly a foot behind my foster mom out on walks due to my nervousness, so you don’t have to worry about me pulling. I walk best when my foster sibling (dog) comes with. I am still working on potty training since I’ve never been in a home before, but I never go in my crate and I let you know when I need to go potty. I eat well in front of my foster mom - it only took a day to take treats from her hand. I wag my tail in excitement when I see people near by, but I’m looking for someone patient that can show me how to approach you, ask for love, and gain more confidence. If you are someone who always wanted a Dalmatian and are patient enough to help me come out of my shell, apply to meet me today!