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Dani Doll

Pit Bull Mix

3 years
55 lbs
Adoption Fee $275

Requirements: Martingale Collar

Dani Doll 2.jpg
Dani Doll 1.jpg
Dani Doll 3.jpg

Dani Doll is the sweetest of love bugs. She is a great hiking and walking buddy. She can be a bit particular with other dogs so we will need to make sure she’s a good fit for your family. She really loves her foster mom’s dogs and cat. She also has basic training and is super eager to please. Like most Pitty mixes, she doesn’t really understand personal space and will cuddle right on your lap. She can sleep in her crate, but she might try to sneak into bed with you. Dani Doll was a stray for quite a while so learning how to be a dog may take some time, but her loyalty and love will make it worth the effort.


** As part of the WGR Pitty Posse, I will come with my very own Pitty Package!

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