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Part of the Colorado Cities Litter

Husky Mix

3 Months
14 lbs
Adoption Fee $500

Requirements: None

Denver 3.jpg
Denver 2.jpg
Denver 1.jpg

Meet Denver from the Colorado Cities litter. He is ready to blast your heart a mile high! This sweet little guy is very friendly and loves people. He is smart, food motivated and full of eagerness to please. Like most Huskies he can be vocal when settling in somewhere but once he is comfortable he is surprisingly quiet.

He is great with other dogs, especially the fluffy kind. There is a cat in his foster home that he shows little interest in. Huskies need a lot of exercise so Denver needs a home that will give him an outlet for his energy; he would make an excellent running buddy! Also true to his breed, Denver will likely provide you a beautiful hair rug as he sheds his coat. He is still a puppy and therefore needs a home that will continue his training, including potty and crate training. Add this cutie to your family today!

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