West Highland Terrier|Female|3-4 years old|13 lbs|Adoption Fee $300

Hello everyone! I'm Dinah, a 3-4 year old female Westie weighing in at a whopping 13 pounds. I recently got my hair done. What do you think? I feel like such a diva! Until recently, I was put to work having puppies. Lots and lots of puppies. I was a really good mom, but I didn't really like where I lived as it wasn't a home. Now that I'm in a home, I think it is the greatest place EVER! I have not had many accidents in the house but my foster mom takes me outside very regularly if I'm not in my crate, even though I usually hold my potties 8-10 hours. She says she's trying to get me on a "regular" schedule. I keep telling her this IS my schedule. I am a good girl in my crate, but I prefer to watch TV to keep me from getting lonely. I really like to watch Pitbulls & Parolees and will sit close to the TV when it's on. It is my favorite show! I get along well with the big dog and little puppy in the home, but I sometimes have to discipline the puppy because he's too rough at times. I also decided the other dogs should only play with toys and/or each other when I say it's okay to do so. I can be a little bossy and dominant, and if adopted by someone with other dogs, they would need to be willing to work with me on this. I don't live with any cats, but I did meet one a few days ago and just followed him around. He was cool. I think he and I could have been friends. My favorite person right now is my foster mom. I follow her EVERYWHERE and have bonded to her quickly. She keeps calling me a velcro dog. She says I would be perfectly content to have ALL of the attention, toys, and food in the house as I deserve it. I am a fairly low energy girl, so a low energy home would be perfect for me. If you think I sound like a good fit for your family, apply today!!


Requirements: None

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