Part of the Math Litter

Shepherd Mix
11 weeks
14 lbs
Adoption Fee $425

Requirements: None

Division 1.jpg
Division 2.jpg
Division 3.jpg

Are you looking for the most snuggly puppy ever? Then meet Division, a member of the Math Litter. This boy would rather be in your lap sleeping than anywhere else. Warm blankets are also a favorite of his!

Division is a medium energy puppy who is shy at first but then warms up pretty quick. He currently lives with his foster sister and feels a lot more confident when she’s around. He would be fine as an only dog but it might take him a little longer to adjust to his new home. He loves to play with toys and does great with the kids in his foster family as well. If you sit down he likes to put his paws on your lap and stare at you until you pick him up and snuggle with him. It’s so cute!
Division sleeps in his crate overnight and is fine during the day as long he gets playtime outside it. He does currently share the crate with his sister and gets upset when he’s by himself. He is doing well with potty training. His foster family will have to continue to work on crate and potty training with him.

Division is so excited to meet his forever family. If he sounds like a perfect fit for you, apply today!