5 years

8 lbs

Adoption Fee $350

Requirements: None


43,800 hours. That’s how many hours Dorsey waited to have a warm bed in a home. This quiet loving little boy deserves only the best. Dorsey had the few remaining teeth he had left removed during his dental procedure. No worries though he’s enjoying his warm wet food. Once his mouth heals he would love to continue a soft diet but will be capable of eating dry kibble. The mats that have adhered tight to his skin are certainly painful but he is used to being stoic and makes not a peep. A wonderful groomer will be working her magic before he goes home.

Dorsey has never seen a toy or entered a home until this week. He cherishes quiet and feeling safe and will give a little tail wag and soft nose kiss to show his appreciation. Much time and patience will he needed to housebreak. He has no problem wearing a doggy diaper as we navigate the process. Dorsey ignores the cats, enjoys gentle children and is a bit fearful of dogs his size. If you have patience, a calm home and lots of love this boy will flourish.

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