Pit Bull Mix
3 years

49 lbs
Adoption Fee $125

Requirements:  Single Family Home

Preferred: Only Dog

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Elix 3.jpg

Are you looking for the right combination of sweet and spunk? Are you hoping for an active athletic pup who thinks you’re the best thing in life (along with food, of course)? If so, then perhaps Elixir is the gal you’ve been waiting for.


Elixir is a 3 year old American Pit Bull Terrier mix. She was a stray in Chicago, so her mix is a guess. She is strong, athletic, handler-orientated, smart, sensitive, and eager to please. She would do well with a job - whether agility, nose work, tricks, canicross, hiking, or day-to-day activities. She’s proven very successful any time she practices nosework or scentwork games!


Elixir is cat friendly and has previously lived in a home with cats. She is dog friendly but will be too much energy and strength for many dogs. Her foster would prefer her to be an only dog (until she settles in, at which point maybe her family will say it’s time for dog number two!). She does not currently live with kids but has met children at events previously and did well. She is a strong girl and may knock down littles.


She does need to eat separately from other animals, but she loves food dispensing toys, scatterfeeding in the grass, and eating her meals during training exercises. Working with this girl is a ton of fun!


She is crate trained but will vocalize if stressed. She is making progress, but she should not live in an apartment or condo for this reason. She is also doing well with potty training but needs to continue going out on schedule in her forever home.


Elixir walks well on a leash and enjoys walking with her people. She loves hikes and is used to walking around other people or dogs. She loves to run free off leash, so a fenced-in back yard or regular access to a private fenced in area would be great. (NO dog parks. Private park ideas include HAWS.) Either way, she needs daily physical exercise AND mental exercise. She will not have the life she deserves without a combination of both.


Elixir is very sweet. She loves her humans and prefers to spend time with them. She does well meeting new people but is sensitive and doesn’t demand attention (at this point). Instructing people to allow her to approach them on her time will ensure her success. She desperately wants to please her handler. She does best with patient guidance and communication, to which she easily responds. She has come a long way in building her confidence but can still be easily spooked by loud noises. It’s important that she continues building up her confidence as she has successfully this far.


Elixir truly is a special gal! If you’re looking for a four-legged best friend to transform your life, this girl may be the one. Just remember - having such a smart and active pup also means you need to invest your time and energy back into her as well! Apply today for a chance to meet Elixir.

**As part of the WGR Pitty Posse, Elixir will come with her very own Pitty Package.