West Highland Terrier


3 years

27 lbs

Adoption Fee $350

Requirements: Fenced in Yard |

Martingale Collar


Are you looking for a spunky, adventurous and extremely loyal BFF? I may be the gal for you then! I came into rescue from a not so great past but I don’t let that stop me one bit. I’m outgoing, very curious, energetic and maybe a tad bit stubborn, but really, what terrier isn’t? I love exploring my fenced in backyard and letting the occasional squirrel know that they shouldn’t be there. I don’t have a crazy amount of energy but I do need to get exercise daily. I’d be okay with that being playing fetch in my fenced in backyard or going for a walk once we bond. It wouldn’t hurt to find someone with some terrier experience as I do have traits typical of the breed. I have a bit of a prey drive and love to chase leaves that blow in the wind, my tennis ball, my canine friends and these fun little things that quack and fly. Who knew they were pets too and apparently you’re supposed to leave them alone. Surprisingly, I leave the cat alone in my foster home. She let me know she means business right away so I’m just content watching her if she comes by me. I’m getting better at listening to my people and picked up “no”, “come”, “off” and I’m learning my name! I’m just learning about house rules since this is my first go at it. I’m picking these things up quickly though! I’m doing a great job at potty training but I will need continued consistency in my forever home so I can continue perfecting this skill. I am quiet in my crate and keep it clean. I get along just fine with other dogs, in fact, I look to them to figure out some of these new behaviors that my fosters encourage me to do. Another well adjusted dog would be beneficial to help me learn the ropes of house life but is not necessary. I haven’t met a person or kid that I haven’t licked... I mean loved. I just get so excited for attention that I can’t help myself. The feeling is mutual though, everyone tells me I’m so sweet! Think I’m the one to complete your family? If so, fill out an application to meet me!

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