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Frank Lambert

Labrador Mix

3 years
50 lbs
Adoption Fee $250

Required: No Cats | Single Family Home (No Apartments, Condos or Townhomes)

Frank Lambert 3.jpg
Frank Lambert 1.jpg
Frank Lambert 2.jpg

Hello! I am Frank Lambert. I am ready to be an exciting member of your future family! I have so many good qualities. I love attention and being by everyone. I am potty trained, crate trained, and know basic manners. I am kid friendly, but I can get a little excited and not remember my size. I am dog friendly but do require slow introductions and patience as I will initially be a little nervous and may bark. I also love toys, especially squeaky toys! My foster mom says I must be honest and say that I do have a tendency to destroy the soft squeaky toys, but they are my favorite!

There are some things my future family can help work with me on, but hey, no body is perfect. I love to go on walks, but I am very curious about squirrels, chipmunks, people, and dogs. They distract me and I get a bit nervous/bark. I am working on it, but I will need your continued help as well. I get excited with new people, situations, and other dogs. I will need my future family’s help in understanding that I will be okay and to be confident. I need consistent and firm direction, so I know what is expected of me. Otherwise, I may make up my own mischief.

If you are ready to give me the time and work with me, I promise my love is endless and I am such a fun dog. I look forward to meeting my forever family!


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