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Gel Pen

Part of the Types of Pens Litter

Shepherd Mix
4.5 months

27 lbs
Adoption Fee $450

Requirements: Single Family Home (No Apartments, Townhomes, or Condos)

Gel Pen 1.jpg
Gel Pen 3.jpg
Gel Pen 2.jpg

Hello! My name is Gel Pen from the Types of Pens Litter!

My foster family is amazed with how intelligent I am, and how I love working on new skills and puzzles. I am working on obedience training and started to learn the sit and kennel up commands along with working on the skill of ringing bells for my potty training. Food, and praise, are big motivators for me!

I can take a few minutes to settle down into my crate when I first get in. I do like my crate and sometimes will go sit in it if it’s time for a treat, or if I have a good toy to chew. If I hear a different noise at night, I will give one or two barks to let you know, and then I am done. Because I’m little yet, I do need to go out a few times at night.

I am a high energetic puppy and I jump for joy! I am so friendly with people, but not aware of my size and could knock over my smaller friends when playing. I am dog, cat, and chicken friendly, but will chase my furry friends when I want to play.

I play well with my toys and love when my foster mom throws my fluffy bone. I will fetch it and run around and squeak it in my mouth, then bring it to her to do over and over. I am so full of love, kisses, and deserve a fun energetic family to be with!

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