Mini Golden Doodle
4 years
30 lbs
Adoption Fee $375

Requirements: Another Social Dog | Children 10+ | Martingale Collar

Goldilicks 2.jpg
Goldilicks 1.jpg
Goldilicks 3.jpg

Goldilicks is a diamond in the ruff, it has been so rewarding to watch her changing from a retired gal to a pet. Day 1 and 2 was an exhausted dog sleeping and not wanting to come out of her kennel. The end of day 2 I let her meet her foster sisters, oh boy that helped her, she would now come out of her kennel with them coaxing her. Day 3-4 trying to walk her she said no, day 5 she laid down in the driveway again, this time I said no picked her up and we walked around the block she did great. She continues to walk on a leash no problem. She is almost house trained. Day 6 she is no longer hiding, she found a true friend in one of her foster sisters and goes where she goes. She was just at the groomer on Friday, and yes, she walked in there which she would not have done a week ago. Every day she does something new and amazing. She needs somebody 100% committed to let her be the sweetest girl she is, and I know she will not disappoint you.