Mini Australian Shepherd
5 years
Adoption Fee $375

Requirements:  Kids 10+ | Fenced-In Yard (no electric fences)

Goofie 1.jpg
Goofie 3.jpg
Goofie 2.jpg

Hello world! My name is Goofie. I am a five year old mini Australian Shepherd who is so ready to find a safe, loving forever home.


I come from a hard life and am looking forward to a much more relaxed, gentle environment. I am doing amazing in my crate and need one to have a "safe place" to go to when I need to decompress. I do awesome at going outside to do my business and have quite the appetite for a petite gal. I'm still learning what a leash is and will need time to learn to walk with one, but I am a very smart girl. My foster mom has no fear that I'll get the hang of all these new things eventually!


My temperament is sweet, gentle, and curious but a bit scared of the unknown. I have never experienced a home life until now, so I greatly appreciate patience and gentle handling while I learn to adjust.


I currently live with two other dogs and am not bothered by them at all. They have been teaching me to enjoy being a dog, so trained established dogs would be a-okay for me to live with. I would also be okay with being the only princess of the castle, though.


So, if you are looking for a sweet, beautiful cuddle partner, then I might just be the girl for you. Apply to meet me today!