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Grand Cherokee

Part of the Types of Jeeps Litter

Shepherd Mix

 4 months
28 lbs
Adoption Fee $500

Requirements: None

Grand Cherokee 1.jpg
Grand Cherokee 1.jpg
Grand Cherokee 5.jpg

Puppy, puppy, puppy…I am the cutest puppy. My name is Grand Cherokee and I am from the Types of Jeeps litter. I am a tub of love. I’m silly, clumsy, and full of puppy kisses. I get bursts of energy that are immediately followed by a nap. I love being outside and playing with other dogs. My friends have taught me so many new tricks such as going potty outside and I am doing very well with that. I haven’t lived with a cat yet but I’m sure we could be friends! I love my man cave, a.k.a. my crate. I especially like it at night when you kiss me goodnight. If you are interested in a playful and lovable puppy, please apply for me today!

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