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Norwegian Elkhound
8 months
38 lbs
Adoption Fee $450

Requirements: Martingale Collar | Another Dog in Home | Fenced-in-Yard

Hamar 1.jpg
Hamar 1.jpg
Hamar 2.jpg

Hi, my name is Hamar. I’m a 8-month-old male Norwegian Elkhound. I haven’t had your typical dog life. Therefore, it takes me a second to show you how much I love and appreciate you. I'm still kind of shy around my human foster family and friends. I haven’t quite figured them out, but they seem alright, and every day I get more comfortable with them. On the other hand, I love playing with my four-legged foster siblings. They are absolutely my best friends! Therefore, my foster mom thinks I would be my best with a four-legged sibling to keep showing me the ropes. My foster siblings and I love chasing, wrestling, and chewing on our toys together. I love puppy chewing so much sometimes I get confused with what is my toy and what shouldn’t be, but I’m working on it, so till I do you might want to keep an eye on me.

I had a minor eye problem when I got here, but I’m all better now. Therefore, I did spend a little more time in my crate than usual, so my crate is now my safe place. I have no issues being in there. In fact, I can sleep through the whole night in it. If I whine in it, it usually means I just need to go potty. I haven’t had an accident in the house in a while. I don’t alert when I have to go potty, I just follow my foster sibling out. My foster mom works from home so we get to go out whenever we want but I do know how to hold it, so if I have to be crated, I will be fine.

My foster mom takes me for walks with my foster sibling and I’m starting to like them, but unexpected noise scares me. Car rides are not my favorite thing yet but maybe with practice or the advice of a vet I could get better at it.

If you think you are the perfect person that has the time and patience for some puppy love, then I'm the dog for you. Have you applied yet?

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