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Lab Mix


2 yrs

55 lbs

Adoption Fee $300

Requirements:  Only Pet | Single family home in a lower traffic neighborhood | No Kids | Martingale Collar | Willing to complete group basic obedience class within first two months

Harper is a beautiful lab mix (with a high likelihood of German Shorthair Pointer!) who is looking for a patient, loving forever home to help her blossom into her full potential!

Harper is very sweet, but she needs a lot of confidence building. She alternates between avoiding things she’s afraid of and begging for love in an overly affectionate way. With routine, consistency, time, and boundaries, she will gain confidence and become an amazing dog. Loud noises and busy things make her overwhelmed, so at this point she will be requiring a single family home in a calmer or lower traffic neighborhood (meaning no apartments, no down town houses). This won’t be a forever requirement, but is best for her right now until she settles in.

Harper is crate trained, but she goes through periods where she will use her voice and ask to come out. These periods are fewer and farther between, so I anticipate it will only occur for weeks 2-4 in her new home. She honestly likes her crate and views it as a safe place, so her vocalizing is just once she trusts you and wants to see if you’ll let her cling to you. She is also house broken and has great house manners for a freshly rescued pup!

Harper loves to go on walks, but her anxiety can make her zig-zag or spook at loud noises, so a martingale collar will be required. If you’re looking for a semi active dog, then Harper really fits the bill! She would make a good running partner once she improves with her leash manners. She also LOVES to play with soft plush toys with squeakers. She likes to pounce on them in a cat like manner and will eventually tear the squeakers out once she’s done. She doesn’t make a fluffy explosion though! Due to the way she plays, I believe a cat free home would be best. However, she does not live with cats so we can test her further once she’s a little more confident.

Harper is dog friendly, however, her anxiety can cause her to react. When meeting new dogs in new places, she is overwhelmed and can be quite anxious. She does great on leash walks with other dogs and in controlled settings. She prefers to co-exist rather than interact with the new dogs. In her foster home, she does play roughly with the other dogs, however, she needs to be fed separately and does not like them around her kennel. She also seems to do best when she is given space from higher energy dogs, even her higher energy friends. For this reason, Harper would be most successful as an only dog in the household.

If you want a sweet, playful, friendly and athletic dog and are willing to patiently work on building her up, then please apply to meet Harper!