Husky Mix
3 years
72 lbs
Adoption Fee $375

Requirements: Monthly Heartworm Prevention for life


Harri is a hugely affectionate guy who constantly shows his gratitude to his people for having a stable home and loves to be near them. He is good with children and both good and playful with other dogs. (Not tested with cats.)

He is house trained and crate trained, although it is unnecessary to put him in a crate at night.

Harri is chunky and needs to shed some weight, so a plan for daily walks and play in the yard is definitely in order! Although he is somewhat too heavy for his frame, Harri is not a beggar, is respectful of his people’s food and takes treats very gently.

He is a bit of a goofball, often hopping into an unoccupied armchair or patio chair to relax there. Despite his gentle, loving nature, this guy is showing signs that he can also be a good watchdog for his future family.

He rides well in a car, so he will be more than happy to go along wherever his family chooses to go. Harri would be a fabulous addition to an entire family or a loyal, loving companion for a just a single person or couple.