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Doodle Mix

5 months
10 lbs
Adoption Fee $450

Requirements: Limited Stairs | Single Family Home (no apartments, townhomes, or condos)

Hendon 1.jpg
Hendon 4.jpg
Hendon 2.jpg

Hendon is an amazing puppy who loves her people and her fur siblings big and small. She is shy when she first meets new friends but quickly warms up to everyone she has met. She is gentle and loves kids and adults alike.

Potty training is a work in progress, but Hendon aims to please and on a schedule she’s doing great. More than anything Hendon likes to be near her people; when kenneled, Hendon will be sure to remind you she is in there until she’s reunited. Due to this, a single-family home is required so the neighbors don’t get upset.

Hendon has a congenital leg defect that has been assessed and is stable at this time, but it does have a potential for needing further treatment in the future. Hendon’s forever family needs to be committed to the potential of future treatment. While this may sound scary it is important to say that Hendon is not slowed down by her leg. She runs and plays just like any other puppy.

If you are looking for a sweet, soft, and loving puppy then apply today for an opportunity to meet sweet Hendon.

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