Lab Mix


9 weeks

10.5 lbs

Adoption Fee $400

Requirements: None


Herk is a typical boy. Never stops moving and playing. He enjoys every type of toy and will play until it’s potty time or he’s warn himself out for a nap. Herk loves chasing his furry siblings to play and can’t wait to be one of the big dogs. He’s learning that using his mouth to play with his human siblings is not nice. Herk sleeps in his kennel at night with no accidents but does want to know his foster mom is near. Potty training is a work in progress and Herk is very proud how well he’s been doing. Outside time is really fun because Herk enjoys chomping on leaves and grabbing clumps of grass to run with. Herk thinks he’s funny when he prances around with the leash in his mouth and then it’s a game of catch me if you can. Of course mom always wins, but it’s fun either way.

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