Husky|Male|2 years|50 lbs|Adoption Fee $300

Hello, who is looking for a cuddly husky? Well, let me introduce myself. My name is Jayce. I am a 2 year old Husky who is just now experiencing what home life is like... THIS IS AMAZING! When I first met my foster mom I was very shy and nervous. In just the short time I’ve been here I have gotten a lot more comfortable. I have the happiest smile on my face when my foster mom calls my name; I come hopping like a bunny. It did not take me longer than a day to get comfortable and realize my foster mom is safe! I already know how to ask for butt scratches. I do fine in a crate when someone is home, but when I’m alone I’d rather be out so that is something I am working on with my foster mom right now. I always go potty outdoors! I enjoy walks so much, so sometimes I pull a little to hard, but I’m working on it! When guests come over I prefer to stay in the comfort of my crate until I know that I can trust them. I love other dogs. Playful dogs bring out my young playful side. I get along well with cats, sometimes I’m a little nosey, but I’m learning to leave them alone. I am a low energy dog for a husky. I will need daily exercise of course, but I won’t be bouncing off your walls. I haven’t met any kids before, but due to my calm personality I think we would get along fine. A tall fenced in yard is required because once I get out- I won’t stop. Who doesn’t love a good game of chase?! My favorite way to pass the time is curled up right next to you. Do I sound like a good fit for your family?

Requirements: Husky Experience | 6 ft. Fenced Yard

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