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Jilly Bean

Pit Bull Mix
3 months
22 lbs
Adoption Fee $450

Requirements: No Cats

Jilly Bean 1.jpg
Jilly Bean 2.jpg
Jilly Bean 3.jpg

Jilly Bean is the thoughtful one in her litter. She likes to hang back and observe before she jumps in. Once she is comfortable, she has all the puppy energy and fun her sisters do. She is very smart and the first to learn how to sit and stay. She loves to give puppy kisses. She is still working on potty and crate training but she is learning pretty quickly. Jilly is great with all sized dogs but really likes to chase the cat in her foster home, so she needs a cat free place to call home. She has spent time with small children and was the most gentle in the litter but like all puppies she will likely jump on kids and maybe give a little nibble. Jilly likes toys and has already shown us that shoes need to be put in a safe space! It will be important that many chew toys are provided to keep me busy! Our best guess is that she will be a mid to large size dog when she is full grown. What we can guarantee is that with a little love and patience Jilly will be your new best friend.

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