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Joyce Jan

4 years
15 lbs
Adoption Fee $400

Requirements: Fenced-in-Yard | Martingale Collar

Joyce Jan 1.jpg
Joyce Jan 3.jpg
Joyce Jan 2.jpg

Well, hello there, my name in Joyce Jan. One fun fact about me is that I am ALWAYS happy! Surprise, surprise being as I’m a beagle, right? I absolutely love being loved on from my foster people, I will try and climb right into your lap to get as much as I can. I’ll follow you around the house too just in case you need help with anything or want to give out some more pets. I settle nicely and will sleep on my bed but would love to be on the couch snuggling with you.

Who do I get along with? Well, that’s easy, everyone! Other dogs, cats, and kids. They are all great! Being as this is my first go at being a house dog, it’s always a little easier to have a friend to follow the lead of to catch on to the rules but I would be okay just by myself too. I will require a fenced in yard and a martingale collar as that beagle nose gets the best of me when those squirrel and chipmunk smells come through.

Some things that I have been working on since entering my foster home are potty training, crate training and I have started some basic commands. I have been doing great with all of these but will need continued practice in my forever home. I have food motivation so working on these new concepts is fun for me when treats are involved. As I said before, this is my first go at house living and although I am doing fantastic with potty training, this is a brand new concept for me and I may have accidents during my transition into my forever.

I am a beagle. With a beagle comes a nice howl when I’m excited, found something good to track, or sad that I’m not with my people (only occasionally), a nose that has mind of its own, a bit stubborn, happy as heck, some food motivation for your food and mine, and an endless supply of entertainment. I will be a girl that will benefit from enrichment to wear my brain out and work for my food. If these are all qualities you are looking for in your next companion, apply to meet me. I’ll be the happiest little sidekick for life!

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