Golden Retriever
2 years
50 lbs
Adoption Fee $425

Requirements: Martingale Collar

Kekoa 3.jpg
Kekoa 2.jpg
Kekoa 1.jpg

Hi, I’m Kekoa and the past week my life has changed so much and I am loving it!! I have found love and am giving it back! I’m a bit shy at first but, I do warm up since learning this new lifestyle. I’m potty trained and crate trained but, don’t actually need to be crated as I don’t ruin anything while alone. Lamb chop is my favorite to keep close to me (foster mom gave me a couple) and when I do lay in my crate they come with.

I love to be outside and do a little zoomie here and there (I heard my foster parents say how much they love seeing me do this)!

I’ve played with a couple resident siblings and that was fun too, so I do like other dogs.
Day by day, I’m happier…

Do you think you can help me continue to be a happy gal? If so, apply today!!