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Lab Mix


2 yrs

65 lbs

Adoption Fee $200

Benchwarmer Special:

Adoption must be completed by 2/1

Requirements:  None

Kenyaz is a wonderful dog! She checks all the boxes! She is friendly, loyal, does great in the car (but she does call shotgun), and she does well on a leash. She loves everyone she meets including; children, dogs, and cats. She would love to have a canine sibling to play with!

However… Kenyza has allergies. When she arrived to WGR, she was in pretty rough shape. She looked, acted, and felt like a 10 year old dog. Her past and where she came from is unknown but it is clear she was left to deal with her allergies on her own. So she did what she knew to do, she scratched. All that scratching left her in a pretty bad state. She had almost no hair under her body, her upper legs were raw, she had a bald spot on top of her head, her ears looked like 2 pieces of leather, and she was exhausted from all that scratching.
But there is an upside to Kenyaz’s story! Her foster dad has done an amazing job on getting her allergies in check on finding the right balance of food and medication. Kanyaz’s transformation is nothing short of a miracle!! Her hair has grown in, she’s gained 25 pounds, her energy has increased, and her personality in shinning bright! Its safe to say, these days Kenyaz feels like a new dog! She is now ready to find her forever home! One that will love her as much as we do and one that understands her needs.

Kenyaz may be considered a “special needs” dog. But she isn’t just special because of her allergies, she is also special because she has a beautiful soul! She deserves a forever loving home! If interested in providing her with that, apply today!