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Khloe K

Part of the Kardashians Litter

Pit Bull Mix
4 months

27 lbs
Adoption Fee $450

Requirements: None

Khloe K 1.jpg
Khloe K 1.jpg
Khloe K 2.jpg

Hello! I am Khloe K from the Kardashians Litter, a spunky daredevil of a puppy. I love to be part of everything and I think everyone always wants to give me attention. While I love to be part of everything, I am learning what fun snuggles can be. I am full of energy and have found I like to play with soft squeaky toys, run around, and am curious about everything!. Overall I am fairly quiet and talk only when I am playing with the other fosters in the house, boy playing is a lot of fun! I am also cat friendly! I am doing great with potty training and my manners! I am learning about walking on a leash and while I don't really pull, I don’t exactly walk in a straight line. I will need some work on that.

But boy do I like to be outside and watching everything. Sticks are the best thing to chew on! I sleep nicely in my kennel at night with a towel for comfort. I am working on my listening skills, coming when called, not jumping and learning to not take what isn’t mine. I love to play with the kids in the house and look forward to meeting my forever family!

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